About Us

We are the best electronic repair shop in the San Fernando Valley backed by years of experience and hundreds of happy customers!

Who We Are

At Dr. Digital we are obsessed with gadgets and gizmos. We’re the folks standing in line on launch day waiting for the latest smartphone or gaming console. We love all
things tech, but don’t confuse our passion for snobbery. We’re not self-described geniuses, but we are experts at what we do.

What We Do

Whether you’re a mother of five and for the first time in years you can use the restroom in peace and then your iPhone 7 fall out of your butt pocket driving straight for the toilet, or you just dropped your tablet down your apartment stairwell. Don’t worry, we understand how traumatic it is when you break your precious devices. We are the ones to call and have come to you to have your devices fixed.

Why We Do It

We’re not overly sentimental, but we do what we do because we care about people and their tech. That’s why Dr. Digital works; we put our customers above anything else. Of course, we love fixing cracked iPhone screens and broken charge ports, but we get our satisfaction from helping out folks who lost their connection to the outside world.

Have no fear Dr. Digital is here!


Amazing Team

  • Judah


    Awesome phone repair man! Even better businessman!

  • Alex Joan

    Project Manager

    Europan lingues es membres del sam familie. Lor separat existentie

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