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iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, PC & Laptop Repair

MacBook Pro Diagnosis

Desktop & Laptop Repair

We repair desktops, laptops, and tablets and can provide service for both Macs and PCs. Whether you spill water on your laptop or drop your tablet, we are here to fix the issue.




Common Issues that we Repair on Apple Computers:

MacBook Pro

  • MacBook Pro White Screen
  • MacBook Pro No Power
  • MacBook Pro Virus
  • MacBook Pro Water Damage
  • MacBook Pro Video Card
  • MacBook Pro Bad HDD
  • MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement
  • MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade


MacBook Air

  • MacBook Air White Screen
  • MacBook Air No Power
  • MacBook Air Virus
  • MacBook Air Water Damage
  • MacBook Air Keyboard Replacement
  • MacBook Air SSD Upgrade



  • iMac White Screen
  • iMac No Power
  • iMac Virus
  • iMac Video Card
  • iMac Bad HDD
  • iMac SSD Upgrade

We offer computer repair services & mobile computer repair service for numerous types of devices, such as the following:

  • Mac desktops and laptops
  • PC desktops and laptops
  • We remove viruses from your machine
  • Diagnose any issues you may encounter
  • Use only the best protection software
  • We can clean your computer of viruses




If you suspect your device may be affected by a virus, act immediately! Bring your phone or computer to our shop for fast solutions that get your device virus-free once again.

Someone call you pretending to be from HP, Microsoft, etc & you are locked out of your computer? We can help! Noticing performance issues with your PC or having difficulty powering on your computer? Knowing the signs of a virus attack is important. At Dr. Digital, we offer various methods of removing malware from your device and preventing future issues.

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Video Editing Build/Repair

Video editing systems require specialized care from experienced repairmen. We have worked to restore countless devices to their owners throughout the years.

At Dr. Digital, not only do we provide expert solutions in the area of repairs. Our skilled team can also assist you in your next project as you build and design a new video editing system! Benefit from the expertise and advice that our professionals can provide by contacting our offices at your earliest convenience!

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Motherboard Repair

The motherboard on laptops and desktops alike is connected to everything else in the system, so we offer effective diagnosis and repair to get your device in proper working order as soon as possible.

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